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Supercharge your product’s impact. Align your teams faster.
  • No more noise.
  • No more manual feedback tagging.
  • No more stakeholders that don’t feel heard.
  • No more product releases that don’t achieve impact.

Consolidate feedback in your
sauce of product truth

No more fragmented product feedback

  • Connect all your feedback sources from customers and GTM teams, starting with Slack
  • Capture feature requests, bugs, deals lost, app reviews, NPS and more
Consolidate feedback

Automate insights that move the needle forward

No more manual tagging

  • Automatically aggregate feedback into themes, feature requests, bugs and sentiment
  • Understand trends across time and separate signal from noise
Automate insights

Ship impactful releases and sync with delivery

No more delivering laundry lists that don’t achieve outcomes

  • Automatically pull customer feedback into releases to communicate the ‘why’
  • Sync with delivery workflows in Jira or Linear and auto-update ticket details bi-directionally
Ship impactful releases

Close the loop and align your go-to-market teams

No more throwing releases over the fence

  • Automatically notify reporters when feedback is tagged and upon release
  • View feedback and related features in digestible customer profiles, synced with your CRM
Close the loop

Loved by Product and Go-to-Market teams,
see why

“Blown away by how easy it is to set Sauce up. Just connect a Slack channel and all your feedback is aggregated and categorised in a couple of minutes. Could not be easier!”

Omar Salem

ex-Head of Product Growth
“We’ve been using Sauce for months now - it’s been so easy to use and has provided a seamless link between our customers, product and internal teams. Loving the focus on automated and accurate insights and trends, connecting releases with Jira for delivery, and communicating progress without the usual admin overhead. Keep up the great work 🙌”

Ben Reynolds

Senior Product Manager
“Sauce nails the problems I face each day as a PM - love the focus on insight automation, release impact and GTM alignment”

Bec Cooper

Principal Product Manager
“Super valuable in bringing fragmented feedback into one place and saving me time with Sauce’s AI in surfacing high impact themes”

James Bell

Product Manager

A smarter way to close your product feedback loop

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