Automated customer insights
that increase product impact

Sauce helps product teams consolidate feedback, automate and segment insights, and separate signal from noise.

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No more battling to get to inbox zero

Connect your sauces and let impactful insights flow

Automate customer insights

in real-time from your feedback

No more manually tagging feedback

  • Consolidate feedback from channels, forms, support tickets, CRMs
  • Automatically highlight feature requests, issues, experience improvements
  • Automatically analyse trends and aggregate themes in real-time

Segment insights and compare

customer impact

Stop shipping features that don't achieve impact

  • Connect your CRM and automatically sync customers
  • Compare insights across segments - Churn, Location, Industry, Region
  • Automatically surface the ‘why’ behind trends

Close your communication loop

and align teams faster

No more throwing features over the fence

  • Automatically notify reporters when feedback is actioned
  • Enable GTM teams to be proactive with customer profiles
  • Sync with delivery workflows in Jira or Linear

Loved by product people

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Blown away by how easy it is to set Sauce up. Just connect a Slack channel and all your feedback is aggregated and categorised in a couple of minutes. Could not be easier!

Quote author
Omar Salemex-Head of Product Growth
Quote company

We’ve been using Sauce for 6+ months now - love the simplicity and focus on automated and accurate insights and trends. We’ve also been pushing releases to Jira and communicating progress without the usual admin overhead. Keep up the great work!

Quote author
Ben ReynoldsProduct Manager
Quote company

Game changer for PMs who care about their customers and whose role revolves around aligning stakeholders.

Quote author
Bec CooperPrincipal Product Manager

Unlock impactful insights

by connecting your favourite tools

Slack Icon

Connect Slack to capture feedback and share updates.

Zapier Icon

Capture feedback from 5000+ apps.

Salesforce Icon

Sync customer segments and capture feedback from forms.

HubSpot Icon

Sync customer segments and capture feedback from forms.

Intercom Icon

Connect Intercom to capture feedback and support cases.

Zendesk Icon

Connect Zendesk to capture feedback and support cases.

Jira Icon

Connect Jira to sync features with delivery workflows.

Linear Icon

Connect Linear to sync features with delivery workflows.

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